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When Nigel Slater Visited Duffy's Chocolate

We might feature on Nigel and Adam's Farm to Kitchen. It's on BBC One and the first three episodes have been enjoyable. Nigel's sense of humour comes across so hopefully you'll see what fun we had when he came to the factory for a day – and how rubbish he was at wrapping bars.

If you are wondering why I'm in short sleeves and shorts and Nigel has a woolly cardie on it's because he hadn't ironed his shirt and didn't want anybody to be put out by popping to the shop for an iron. It was 29°C inside the factory that day with all the people, the lights on and the roller door closed to keep external noise out.

We made some Corazon del Ecuador 72% bars and added cardamom and coffee flavours to them. It was too hot for them to set properly, so I wouldn't let him take them away. Instead I went in early the next day when it was cooler, moulded 20 bars and sent them off to the BBC.


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